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Specialist in business process optimization such as electronic management of meetings, mail (GEC), documents (GED), civil status documents…and the data governance (MDM, B.I, data visualization…), DIGITECH has been successfully supporting its customers in their digital transformation for over thirty years, thanks to the technical expertise of its teams and proven experience in project management.

An independent French company, DIGITECH is present throughout France and overseas. What’s more, for several years now, it has been expanding its international reach.

Based in Marseille, it has offices in Paris, Nice, Toulouse and the Pacific.

Its solutions, listed with the Union des Groupements d’Achats Publics (UGAP), handle several tens of millions of documents every year. They are aimed at central administrations, local and regional authorities, EPICs, universities, CHUs, OPHs, companies, associations, banks…

DIGITECH is part of the DIGITECH GROUP, which employs 80 people and generates sales of around 10 million euros.

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Solutions for every field of activity

Digitech is aimed at all companies, public or private, whose activities require digitalization solutions.

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Local authorities


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Over 30 years of service to recognized players

Our product ranges


Management of deliberative bodies

Automate management processes for assemblies (generation of deliberations, by-laws, agreements), boards, commissions and committees in the public and private sectors.

Electronic Mail Management (EMM)

Computerized processing of incoming (paper documents, emails, web forms…), internal (memos…) and outgoing (automatic responses…) flows.

Electronic Document Management (EDM)

Centralize, classify and consult all types of documents, and guarantee data quality for interconnection with third-party applications (e.g. SAE).

Civil status management

Computerized registration of civil status events (births, marriages, PACS, deaths, mentions), census, statistics.

Mobile Applications

Application for elected representatives and board members (consultation, annotation, voting, etc.); Organization of meetings (time-stamped convocation, electronic voting, etc.).

Internet and Intranet communication

Portal for electronic publication of content (administrative acts, official documents); Digital Learning, internal social network.

Data Governance

Qualification and exploitation of data (Data Capture, Master Data Management, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, etc.).

Public administration mapping

Assessment of a State’s assets (civil status, health, education, justice, network infrastructures, etc.) prior to a digital transformation project.


Our assets for successful projects

Change Management

Strategic approach to Change Management Coaching (CMC) to ensure project success.

On-site and online training

A training program tailored to the organization and designed to ensure that users fully master the tools.

Integrating solutions into your information system

Tailor-made solution integration services to meet the specific needs of Information Systems.

Hosting and disaster recovery

Saas-based solutions for greater flexibility and simplified management operations.

Fast, efficient customer support

Responsive, attentive Customer Support, made up of technical experts, for quality service.

A dematerialization project?

They talk about us

Customer testimonials

As part of a project to modernize its services, the General Council of French Guiana, after selection, deployed the AIRS Delib application for managing administrative acts, starting in 2013. Digitech’s application quickly stood out because, in addition to the fact that the solution was perfectly adapted to our needs

Sylvain TARCY

Head of Mission Assemblées et Vie Institutionnelle – Functional Director of AIRS Delib

In the end, we chose DIGITECH’s proposal for a number of reasons. First of all, we felt confident with this company, which knows the world of the civil service in general (in particular FPT and FPE). […] We were again very well supported in terms of training and, above all, post-configuration follow-up.


Legal Affairs Officer – Department of Legal, Institutional and Market Affairs (DAJIM) – A.I.R.S. Courrier

The city of Toulouse has been using Digitech’s civil status management software since 1999. It is one of France’s largest civil registries, with over 25,000 new records created each year, and over 300,000 copies of records issued, all channels combined.

Cécile EVEN

Head of Civil Status Department – Population Services Department – CityWeb


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Digitech is aimed at all companies, public or private, whose activities require digitalization solutions.

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