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Nomad is a mobile application designed for elected representatives and council members, offering centralized, secure document management and electronic voting functions with its Nomad Vote module.


Ultra mobility

Nomad, a true Digital Document Holder, redefines mobility for elected representatives and decision-makers in the public and private sectors. As a decision-making tool, Nomad accompanies you wherever you go, offering centralized, unrestricted access to cross-disciplinary, multi-disciplinary information. Whether you have multiple functions or mandates, Nomad dynamically centralizes all your documents, in complete security and confidentiality.


A single support for all your actions

Whether you’re on the move or not, the Nomad mobile app is designed for you. You can receive your invitations, register your attendance and vote electronically, all from your tablet or PC. From Nomad, you can prepare advice, validate documents and interact with business applications (such as ADEL or COURRIER from DIGITECH) in just a few clicks.

A mobile personal office

Nomad is a customizable mobile office that lets you create custom folders, customize the display (icons, colors…) and organize your screens according to your preferences. Receive notifications, label, consult and annotate your documents with ease.

A Scalable and Adaptable Environment

The Nomad application integrates easily into any environment. It works with DIGITECH, third-party or stand-alone applications, and is available in local or private cloud hosting. The installation is available on App Store, Windows Store and Google Play.

Nomad Vote

Electronic voting

Organize remote or face-to-face voting for your deliberative meetings.
Nomad Vote enables members of boards, commissions or committees to follow deliberative sessions remotely or in person.
Simple, interactive, electronic voting is carried out live from a tablet or PC.

Nomad Vote makes deliberative assemblies run more smoothly.
Secure voting and confidentiality of exchanges are guaranteed. The application takes into account the attendance status of elected representatives, and offers functionalities such as the presentation of reports, notification of the start of voting, and the organization and monitoring of votes in real time.
Voting results can be integrated into a solution for managing administrative acts, with the generation of minutes and full traceability of votes.
Nomad Vote works with or without a connection to a deliberation management application, and is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows.