Electronic Mail Management

Discover our solutions for Electronic Mail Management.

Streamlining mail management within a public or private organization aims to improve operational efficiency, reduce physical storage costs and ensure the security and compliance of electronic documents.


DIGITECH’s COURRIER solution automates the processing of incoming (paper mail, e-mails, forms, telephone calls, counter requests, etc.), internal (memos, etc.) and outgoing flows (automatic replies, etc.).

The entire process includes document capture, automatic indexing of metadata (creation date, author, recipient, subject…), automatic circulation of documents (workflows) to the various departments for information or contribution requests such as approval, validation or signature.

The application’s parameter settings enable the confidentiality levels of fields and attachments to be finely tuned for each profile, ensuring optimum security for sensitive information.

Finally, COURRIER offers the ability to produce automatic responses from a library of configurable templates, and is fully compatible with Microsoft Office 365, GSuite and OnlyOffice online editors.

It is essential to take into account the notion of Change Management Support (CMS) when implementing an electronic mail management project, to guarantee its success and sustainability over time. To find out more, please visit our Change Management section.


Open and interoperable, it can be connected to other applications such as electronic signature systems, financial or human resources management systems, electronic document management systems (EDMS), or electronic archiving systems (EAS).

COURRIER offers complementary Data Management modules. DINA, based on AI algorithms, enables automatic document analysis, summary generation and response production. The ARCADE BI statistics module can be used to produce dashboards to support strategic decision-making by senior management.

Turnkey solution


The COURRIER range is available in two versions, COURRIER and COURRIER Initial®, to suit different types of organization and manage all mail volumes.
The pre-configured COURRIER Initial® solution is aimed primarily at small and medium-sized local authorities, SMEs and associations. Offered as a SaaS solution, it makes it easy to manage the entire mail processing process, with no hardware requirements, as the solution is hosted on servers managed by DIGITECH and located in France.