Civil Status Management

Discover our solutions for Civil Status Management.

Electronic civil status management aims to modernize and improve the management of vital citizen data, facilitate access to government services, and contribute to greater accuracy and integrity of civil registers. It plays a crucial role in the provision of official documents, population planning and the monitoring of population statistics, among other government functions.


CityWeb, a full web solution for electronic management of civil status enables town halls to record, store and manage data and civil status documents relating to events in the civil life of citizens, such as births, marriages, and deaths, as well as the notations and notices associated with these documents.
One of CityWeb’s strong points is its interactive calendar dedicated to weddings, with the option of setting reminders for elected officials.
What’s more, CityWeb is fully interconnected with, enabling agents to receive pre-filled citizen requests directly into the application, making them much easier to process.
The application guarantees secure exchanges and offers advanced functionalities that scrupulously comply with current regulations. It supports dematerialized exchanges, inter-municipal verification requests, integration of electronic death certificates and automatic creation of pre-filled draft death certificates.

CityWeb also enables connection to various types of citizen portals, integrated management of digitized deeds, generation of copies and extracts in compliance with the city’s charter, management of family record books and renewals, while ensuring full compliance with IGREC.
Among CityWeb’s key features are a library of regulatory templates, easy preview and printing of deeds and related documents, secure storage of attachments for weddings, digitization and processing of deeds in image form (especially older deeds), and multi-criteria and phonetic search for enhanced information accessibility.

Today, CityWeb equips all types of town halls, from France’s largest cities, such as Paris, Marseille, Lyon and Toulouse, to communities of just a few thousand inhabitants.


The CityRemWeb Defense and Citizenship census module is a tool designed to help young people aged 16 to 25 take part in the French Defense and Citizenship Day. This process can be carried out in two ways:

  • at the reception desk of the town hall. The CityRemWeb module then enables you to enter the necessary information efficiently.
  • or online for those who have previously registered on the official state website The module then automatically retrieves the data entered and any relevant attachments.

Thanks to automated period management, the CityRemWeb module offers complete functionality, ensuring rapid production of the notice and certificate required for the census.

It also facilitates the generation of census lists for the CSN (PECOTO certification).

This module can operate independently, guaranteeing efficient management of the census process. What’s more, it can be connected to CityWeb, enabling automatic retrieval of lists of individuals who have not yet been counted.


For the International, DIGITECH offers its EveLin solution aiming to the complete management of national civil registrations and statistics (CRVS).

As a framework integrating a set of innovative, flexible and ready-to-use technological modules, EveLin enables you to build a digital CRVS solution (on site or in the cloud) tailored to a country’s context and users’ needs.
EveLin’s design benefits from the expertise, know-how and skills acquired over the last 30 years, and draws on feedback from registration authorities, international organizations, the expert community and other government players (Health, Justice, Education…).
The framework is developed in accordance with international standards and the United Nations Principles and Recommendations for the Development of a Digital Vital Statistics and Management System (UNSD 2014).
EveLin is part of a global approach based on interoperability between healthcare, civil registry and population registry systems.
As a web or mobile application, EveLin is fully configurable to suit user needs. What’s more, it can work offline or with the local GSM (SMS) network in areas without Internet.
Respecting standard interfacing norms such as OSIA (Open Standard Identity API), EveLin integrates seamlessly into the existing government ecosystem, ensuring the security and confidentiality of citizens’ personal data.