Instance Management

Discover our solutions for the management of deliberative bodies.

Electronic meeting management meets a number of challenges by improving the efficiency and transparency of decision-making processes. It enables faster, more secure document processing, reducing the risk of errors and data loss. It facilitates access to information for assembly members, encouraging more active participation. What’s more, it helps reduce costs, notably by eliminating those associated with printing paper and sending out invitations.

ADEL Deliberations

DIGITECH offers its ADEL range for electronic management of meetings, boards, commissions and committees in the public and private sectors.

ADEL is the new name for A.I.R.S. Délib, the No. 1 business software for local and regional authorities in France.

ADEL covers the entire scope of administrative document creation and processing, including preparation of boards, commissions and offices, and scheduling of meetings.

Thanks to a library of customized templates, it is easy to create reports, regulatory documents (deliberations, decisions, etc.), agendas, convocations, P.Vs, compendiums.

In a collaborative environment, ADEL ensures precise monitoring of project progress at every stage: approval by the departments, legal and assembly controls, enforcement formalities (signature, electronic transmission, publication or notification, archiving).

The application also manages time-stamped electronic convening and voting.

An innovative solution, ADEL integrates data governance features such as session analysis to prevent conflicts of interest, personalized interactive dashboards and intelligent search presenting results by relevance.

Nomad and Arcade Portail

Elected representatives and council members can receive their time-stamped electronic summons by e-mail and, thanks to the mobile application
mobile application, they can access meeting documents (draft resolutions, reports or summary notes, appendices, etc.) on their tablet or PC. They can also vote electronically during the session using the
Nomad Vote

In addition, Digitech’s ARCADE Portail module ensures the regulatory electronic publication of administrative acts affected by the requirements of Ordinance no. 2021-1310 of October 7, 2021.

ADEL Conventions

Agreement management requires a clear, formalized process to ensure a high level of governance and transparency.

ADEL Conventions meets the challenges faced by local authorities, public or semi-public establishments and associations to reduce the risks associated with various agreements and improve contractual compliance. To do this, it covers the entire process of managing agreements and contracts, from document appraisal and modeling, to the approval chain and reporting, thus ensuring compliance with regulatory obligations.

ADEL By-laws

ADEL Arrêtés offers the possibility of centralizing the management of bylaws, guaranteeing consistency and full traceability. Secure data exchange and a high level of confidentiality ensure total control over the processing of these documents.
Orders can be created automatically in ADEL Arrêtés with all metadata. Editing is carried out directly in the application, using specific templates and document circuits.
Such generation processes can also be set up by connecting to third-party applications. The bylaws produced by these departments (HR, roads, town planning, etc.) can then be directly retrieved, avoiding the need to re-enter information.

Délib Initial

For small and medium-sized communities

Délib Initial, a solution in the ADEL range, is designed for small and medium-sized local authorities, as well as public establishments such as SDIS, OPH, CHU, GHT, etc. Offered in Saas mode, it enables organizations to easily manage the entire process of drawing up and generating administrative acts, freeing them from technical constraints, as the solution is hosted on secure servers managed by Digitech and located in France.