Electronic Document Management

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Organizations are evolving in a constantly changing environment, where mastery of increasingly abundant and complex information flows is becoming a crucial necessity. In this context, Electronic Document Management becomes an essential component to optimize internal processes, reduce processing times and storage costs, and eliminate errors and document loss.

Controlling information flows

DIGITECH’s ARCADE GED electronic document management solution, designed to centralize and efficiently manage an organization’s content, is the perfect answer to these challenges.
A cross-functional, secure, multi-stream solution, the application facilitates the dynamic storage and sharing of documents in a complex information environment, thanks to collaboration, capitalization and information exchange processes.
ARCADE GED offers a functionally rich and technologically open response, adapted to needs ranging from the simplest to the most advanced, covering the entire document lifecycle: acquisition, structuring, integration into the information system, processing, search, exploitation and archiving.

Fully configurable and scalable, it is designed to adapt to the specific needs of any organization, handle large volumes of data and guarantee data security.

It can be offered in On Premise or Saas mode.

Optimized content management

The application centralizes all content, regardless of source or format, from business or cross-functional applications. Functional benefits include organization of document flows, processing of various types of content, multiple filing plans, management of authorizations by cabinet, file, document or specific rule, as well as a collaborative process.

ARCADE GED offers automatic workflows, traceability with history, easy navigation in the file plan, customizable banners, favorites for quick access, and intelligent multi-criteria or full-text Google search.

Accessibility and interoperability

ARCADE GED meets the challenges of data availability for immediate use, thanks to distribution and statistical tools. This makes information immediately accessible, simplifying decision-making and accelerating the achievement of objectives.
Interoperability with standards facilitates integration with customer information systems. It enables multi-site access and provides interconnection possibilities from third-party applications such as financial or HR management systems, public procurement, ERP, CRM…
What’s more, ARCADE GED guarantees the integrity and reliability of indexed and stored data, so that quality information can be transferred to an archiving system with probative value (SAE or safe).

ARCADE Pré-archivage

ARCADE Pré-Archivage is a data archiving preparation module designed to guarantee data consistency, integrity and quality.

The aim of ARCADE Pre-Archiving is to qualify and structure data to make it usable. After being extracted from various sources (internal or external), the data is transformed and cleaned to eliminate errors, inconsistencies and redundancies. They are then stored so that they can be used in third-party applications, notably in an Evidentiary Archiving System (EAS) or a safe.


Content publishing portal

The publication of government data plays a crucial role in promoting transparency, participatory democracy and access to information for citizens and stakeholders.

Local authorities and their groupings are now required to publish their administrative acts in electronic format (Order no. 2021-1310).

DIGITECH’s ARCADE Portail module fully meets these requirements by enabling publication of the acts concerned – deliberations, by-laws, decisions – as well as other official documents, Whether it’s information on administrative procedures or local public services, tender announcements or budget reports, for example.

A responsive web solution, ARCADE Portail adapts to all types of media, whether PC, tablet or smartphone.

It can operate fully integrated with DIGITECH applications, or as a stand-alone solution.

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