Data governance

Discover our solutions for Data Governance.

Data governance aims to establish a coherent, well-managed framework to ensure data reliability, compliance with data protection regulations and to maximize the value of information within an organization.

A complete range of solutions

With over thirty years’ experience in information management, DIGITECH offers a complete range of solutions to ensure data quality, integrity, confidentiality and availability.
The information thus optimized and valorized guarantees transparent and efficient decision-making, to meet the strategic objectives of public and private organizations.


CAPTURE module

The CAPTURE module implements a digitization and data acquisition process for a variety of information sources, including structured or semi-structured paper documents, electronic documents, audio files, images and more.
Converted to digital format, the data can then be stored and managed for process automation.

Data analysis

DINA module (DataMining/AI)


The DINA data analytics module, based on AI algorithms, automatically analyzes data to define trends or establish relationships between the various documents explored. It can be used to extract summaries, propose syntheses, reconcile documents, detect duplicates or characterize a report or project based on predetermined syntactic fields.



The ARCADE BI Business Intelligence module is dedicated to collecting, analyzing and presenting usable, relevant statistical data to support strategic decision-making within organizations.
It models information by establishing logical relationships between data. The models proposed may vary from one decision-maker to another, depending on the objectives pursued. It provides interactive reports, dashboards and graphical visualizations to interpret data in a meaningful way.